Our commitment to you is to provide honest, friendly, and on-time service. Visit a locally owned and operated business that has been serving the community


We had extensive experience with over 25 years as an automotive mechanic. All the team of Sacred Automotive are deep expertise in traditional as well as modern equipment.


We provide top notch automobile services by professionals. Every Technician had a great knowledge of almost all types of auto services and are passionate about their work.


Our relation is not only till your car is at our servicing garage. We provide you assurance service even after your car is at another place. So that they can enjoy long, reliable service, and protect them from defects and the potentially high costs of repairs for a long time.



When you discuss regarding trustworthy automobile shop in Alvin Sacred Automotive is the primary name you’re going to listen to. It provides all kinds of automotive repairs like every modification, Paint Job, Diesel Engines, Denting Painting, engines or any other. All the automotive repairs provided by us is under the vision of fully-fledged engineers and mechanics .we all understand your car’s needs better than anyone else. Automobile service includes replacement of various parts, fluids or oils and conducts visual inspections to examine key parts that are still in operation properly. Sacred Automotive comprehends this entirely and offers a decent scope of Cars services and modifications at a reasonable worth.


Cars are designed as they need regular maintenance when an acceptable distance traveled by automobile and time. Sacred Automotive’s mechanics had an excellent knowledge of ancient as well as modern tools needed for the maintenance of the automobile. Since we have a tendency to opened our aim has forever been to provide the most effective maintenance as we are able to for our customers. we have a tendency to are forever adapting to accommodate the ever dynamic motor trade, this enables us to provide the foremost up to this point maintenance available.

Diesel Performance

If you’re talking concerning diesel motor diagnostics in the TX area, Sacred Automotive is that the name comes initial. we tend to had a deep experience with moreover 25 years in internal-combustion engines whether it’s Ford Diesel Engine or any other. Nowadays diesel engines need care and knowledge of an authorized, extremely trained technician for its higher performance. we have a tendency to guarantees on automobile servicing and repairs, provides you with real value and ongoing peace of mind.


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